Editorial Policy

We always strive hard to maintain the highest journalistic standards by providing user-friendly articles and news to our Be Loved readers. If you want to contribute for us, then you should agree to all the terms and conditions of thetigernews, otherwise, we reserve our right to reject your article if it doesn’t follow our terms and conditions.

However, if you still want to write for us, then here are some of those basic factors and guidelines that you should keep in mind while submitting an article on thetigernews.

Content should be original

We only accept those articles that are 100% original which means that they should pass at least one of the well-known plagiarism checks such as Copyscape. You are supposed to submit those articles which are never published on any platform before so that it can provide value to our readers.


We do not endorse any sort of false claims or biased data. We will ensure that every single article or news is based on truth by verifying it from the concerned relevant sources. However, if your article includes any sort of claim then you are supposed to provide us empirical evidence about your claim that can verify your claim about any prominent public figure.

Promotions and marketing

Currently, we do not accept articles containing any information that can lead to marketing or promotional purposes. We strongly oppose all the links in any article that are intended to promote a particular company or figure.


While writing for us you should strictly keep in your mind that our readers are the general public. Your articles should contain easy to understand vocabulary along with valuable information about any particular news.

Acceptance of the article

Our editorial board will make the final decision to accept or reject your article based on our terms and conditions. If your article full fills all the terms and conditions of thetigernews.com, it will be surely entertained along with the author’s bio. Our editors at editorial board fully reserve the right to accept or reject any article without any explanation.