Privacy Policy & Terms

Privacy policy

This privacy policy shows us how uses, collects, maintains or disclose the information which is collected from the users who visit this website.

How we collect the personal identification information?

The personal identification information can be collected in different ways but it is specifically collected when a user visits our website or register on the site, makes a comment, fill out the form or do any other kind of activity like subscribing the newsletter.  While doing these activities, the user may be asked to provide his name or Email address and in this way, we collect his personal information. However, whenever a user visits our site anonymously then we don’t collect his personal information until and unless he doesn’t do any activity which requires his name or Email address.

How we collect the non-personal identification information?

Then non-personal identification information is simply collected whenever a person visits our website and this kind of information include his browser name, his location, his operating system and the Internet service which he uses to access our website and all such technical information fall under this category.  You need to make sure that our only purpose to collect this kind of information is to enhance our User experience and nothing else.

The use of cookies:

In order to enhance the User experience, we may use cookies. Our users must know that their web browser places cookies on the hard drive of the system which keeps the record and tracks information and whenever a user visits a website, it is stored in the browser. If you don’t want to use cookies then simply you have to go to your web browser settings and refuse cookies. However, doing so will not ensure that this site will function properly on your browser.

How the collected information is used?

The Tiger News collects and uses the personal and non-personal identification information for various purposes. This type of information is always collected to enhance the User experience of this site because whenever a user visits our website, we know that how can we improve our site and what are the pages that are doing well and interest of the users in our content and in this way we try to improve our customer service. The email address of the user is collected to send him periodic emails and make connection with our audience in case of any requests, questions or inquiries.

How we protect your personal information?

The information like username, password, email address, transaction information or personal information is always stored on our site. We claim that we do not sell or trade or share the personal information of users to others.

Third-party websites and Advertising:

As a user, you may find some kind of advertisements or links to the third-party websites including our suppliers, advertisers, sponsors or other third party sites. Whenever you click on the link and go to the other sites, you must know that we do not control their content and we are not responsible for any kind of practices our user do on other sites. So whenever you click on the link leading towards the third party websites, you will fall under their privacy policy so make sure to read their privacy policy and customer service policy before doing any kind of activity.

Changes in this Privacy Policy:

We reserve the rights to make any changes in this Privacy Policy at any time. If you are regular visitor of this site, then you should visit this policy on frequent bases to get notification about the updates. Now, it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy.

Acceptance of Our Terms and Conditions:

If you are a visitor of this site, then you are liable to the acceptance of our terms and policy. If you don’t agree to our policy then don’t visit this site. Your continuous visit of this site even in case of changes in this policy indicates that you agree to our terms and conditions.